YuGiOh: The Next Pokémon

I think we can all recall waking up earlier than school timings as well as the weekend in order to get a glimpse of our favorite morning cartoons.  Pokémon happened to become a favorite amongst the generation, to the point at which you could children of all age playing it at school and even going to each other’s homes to play it. I remember collecting numerous cards and saving up each month so that I would be able to buy another deck. The cards were kept in mint condition in our rooms and would become a source of pride when we would show our equally enthusiastic friends our collection.

Of course as times change, Pokémon went out of fashion, however YuGiOh on the other hand, became the equivalent of Pokémon for the next generation.  YuGiOh kind of works on the same principle as Pokémon, so it consists of a card game which requires you to be able to play with another person. You each draw a card each turn and then using the skills of the card that you pull up, you come with a tactic to play against your opponent. It also works on a point system and the person with the most points or cards left in the end, wins. The points will vary depending on the skills of your card, the damage you and your card takes and so on.

Of course because this generation is also the generation of smartphones and other screens, you can simply down the YuGiOh GBA rom game online and then play on your screens, so you don’t end up wasting money buying a surplus of cards every month like we had to. It can become a game you can play with strangers or with other friends who might have it on their phone/laptop.