Why The Alternative Right Is Condemned to Fail

The alternative right or also known as the alt-right is a compendium of different person whose political views fit into the spectrum of the right.

At the beginning of 2016 it started very strong, but right now in 2017 it seems to have lost a lot of its power if not all. It was an interesting development, but it’s condemned to fail and we can already see that right now.

Let’s analyze this situation. Let’s see why the alt-right is condemned to disappear from this world any time soon.

The Alt-Right Problem: Too Much Diversity Is Not Okay

Many persons like to call anyone with dissident views a white supremacist, fascist, etc. even though they don’t know what fascism really is… but that’s a talk for another article.

The principal problem of the alt-right is that it has too much diversity. You have authoritarian and libertarians into the same bus, and you also have anarcho-capitalists and the list goes on and on.

Too much diversity is never a good thing, especially in a movement of this kind. At first glance one can be confused and think that they all have the same goals and objectives, but that’s far from being true. Not all the people who consider themselves alt-righters have the same views.

For example, even though a vast majority have a solid vision against illegal immigration to USA and Europe, in other points they differ vastly, being economics the most important of them.

Many persons in the alt-right seem to approve and even prefer a collectivist system rather than free-market, which is supported and defended by libertarians. This single issue is a very conflicting point between different groups of the alt-right.

It’s Not Really a Movement:

It’s funny when some people portrait Milo Yiannopoulos as one of the leading heads in the alt-right. He’s very smart and a talented journalist, but if that’s the unique exponent you have got, then you don’t have a real movement, you simply have an association of persons with similar views but with many conflicting points.

It’s not really a movement because it doesn’t have a fixed ideology. It doesn’t have its own rules that apply for everyone. It’s more like a party where you find many different types of persons, who happen to have many similar goals.

Without proper organization and lack of exponents, the alt-right is condemned to fail, especially now that the “movement” has been appropriated by real white supremacists, who are nothing more than degenerates.

Conclusion And Final Words:

Even though this world needs a renovated right (not in the modernist sense), the alt-right is not the answer. It’s a fun world full of memes and funny events, but it’s nothing more than that. Those who think the alt-right is a serious movement needs to stop for a moment and reconsider it, because it’s nothing like that.

We hope you liked this unconventional article and we would like to hear what you have to say!