What to Look For While Buying a Secondhand Offset Printing Machine

When you are making an investment in your business especially if it is a heavy duty printing machine then it is best to consider all the aspects that you would take into consideration if you were to be buying a car like the mileage, condition of the body, records of age and maintenance as all of these are important aspects when you are buying a car, same is the case with printing machines, especially the offset printing machines.

If you have been in the business long enough you will realize that the offset machine price fluctuates every now and then and it is completely okay to invest in a used one since the brand new machines are extremely expensive and you can be more on a disadvantage with a new one as compared to the secondhand offset printing machine. If you are new to the business or have never bought an offset machine then you should check out the list that we have compiled for the things that one should look for while buying offset printing machines. Following are some of the things that one should look for while buying a secondhand offset printing machine, check them out below.

Age of The machine

Although the age of the machine matters but the more important aspect of printing machine is the mileage because if the machine is older then you will face problems like not being able to find the spare parts in the market, slow speed and will not have the ability to upgrade your machine because of its old age. So make sure to check the mileage and give it more preference over age.


There are so many different brands in the market that have offset press machines but going for the well known ones is the safest option.