Triple A Condo Project

Condominiums are really popular in Canada due to the fact that they provide one with some of the finest living conditions in the finest parts of major cities, Toronto already has a number of condos in it that are worth a lot and more are planned to become part of the city’s architecture in the coming years. One very promising project that is about to step out of its pre-construction phase very soon is phase 2 of E2Condos, for anyone who likes to stay updated on condominium related news, they will know that the first phase of these condos was a huge success. The builders spearheading this project have plenty of achievements to boast about and have been around long enough to be relied upon.

E2 Condo is set to be completed by 2021 and since the project is being managed by Bazis and Metropia, a lot of people have high hopes for it, it will be situated in the center of Toronto’s business district, ensuring that it is going to be a great project to invest in. when completed, this tower will stand 44 storeys tall and will have 450 units to offer, the kinds of units available would be single bed dens, single bedroom and double bedroom living spaces of various designs.

You can find all that you need to know about the project on its official website where its prices and details are set to be released very soon, anyone wishing to receive platinum prices should go to the site and get registered as soon as possible. Toronto’s skyline is about to have another beautiful piece of architecture added very soon, providing people with a superb place to either live on, or to invest in, at the heart of one of Canada’s most liveliest cities.