The Resident Choice

There seems to be a bit of a shift in the way people are living all across Canada, there are fewer people than before who are trying to get a house for them out on the suburban areas of the country. The demographics are switching about and more and more people are interested in living in the cities of the country rather than outside of them in smaller towns or in the rural areas. It is believed that more and more people will try to move to larger cities in the next few years and an estimated 60 percent of the population will start living in large cities by the year 2030. This brings a new problem for the people who want to move to the big cities. While many will be okay with renting apartments people will want to start buying their own property as well.

There is usually not enough room for people to own their own houses in the cities, especially with the rising prices and people need an alternative. This might be the reason a lot of people in Canada are beginning to live in condominiums, like the Era At Yonge Condo project, instead of staying in apartments on rent or in houses.

In the last census it was found that one in every 8 households has now moved to a condo instead of moving in to a house. This shows that people are now understanding that the choice of their residency does not necessarily have to be a house. The trend of moving in to a house on the suburbs after graduating college and working a few years is changing. People want to stay in cities and be right in the middle of them and for that it would seem that the condominiums are the best choice.