The Importance of Downtime in Our Lives

Once we turn 18 and move out, it feels as though we are consistently at a race against time. Running from one task to the next and no matter how many tasks you get done in a single day, there is a huge pile of work waiting for you the next day once again. A lot of people become workaholics to the point where they start neglecting their own health and this only spells trouble for them. It is a cutthroat world and it is important to stay on top of everyone else but you can’t always be in work mode.

Prolonged periods of stress affects us both physically and mentally. Our bodies become stiff, we get tired more quickly, our mood becomes irritable and we are not able to absorb new concepts properly. There is then the way stress compromises our health, blood pressure, cardiac problems, headaches etc. become probable. This is where the importance of downtime steps in. An annual vacation is strongly recommended or at least a weekend getaway at least twice a year. If you feel like your work cannot allow you that, then it is important to take regular breaks throughout the day.

Our brains need time to destress, think back and absorb all that happens to us throughout the day. So, take out at least an hour to yourself every day to relax and destress. This excludes the time you spend sleeping. You can read, go for a walk, do anything that interests you and do it by yourself. It is necessary to spend some time alone to let our brain recharge and strengthen its connection. So, go ahead and buy that massaging chairs, take a good book or just close your eyes and relax your body, you deserve that much.