The Barnet Quad 400: Why It’s Better

When it comes to any skill or task in life, it is important to always keep striving for more, because there will always be room for improvement. An expert will always work to polish their skills, even when they aren’t necessarily in need of it. If you are into hunting, it’s important to remember that off-season is a great time to work on your blind spots. For example, if you’re bad at long-distance shooting or if you struggle with or are planning to change gears, this is an excellent time to do it.

Breaking into new hunting gear takes time, and you don’t want to miss opportunity during hunting season because you were struggling to get a hang of your new equipment. Currently the number of crossbow hunters is growing quickly throughout the nation. So, if you’re looking to upgrade, the current favorite is Barnett Quad 400 crossbow amongst hunters this year, and we’re going to talk about why this is below.

First of all, we all know that the Barnet Company is one of the biggest manufacturers of crossbows here. So, they do happen to produce some of the best models. The Barnet Quad 400 is basically an improved version that is based off of the Barnet Quad 300. It has a few modifications in it, like a more sturdier and lightweight design to make carrying it around a lot easier. It comes along with 22inch arrows. It also approximately weighs around 9 pounds, along with a measuring length of 27” by 37”.

Other improvements include an average shooting range of the arrow at 345 feet per second which is pretty impressive since it gives you a wider range. Secondly, it also has a heavier draw weight of 150 pounds, plus a 15.5’’ power stroke. So, you can visit your nearest hunting equipment store to give it a look.