Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner

Anyone who lives in temperate areas would know just how valuable an air conditioner can be, these appliances help keep our homes and offices cool, keeping the heat at bay and allowing us to remain productive. The way an air conditioner works is that it sucks in hot air and sends it through its condenser unit where all the air gets compressed, causing it to lose energy and become cooler. If you want to get the most out of your air conditioner and maximise its lifespan then you should keep in mind that these appliances need to be maintained once or twice every year.

Maintaining and air conditioner is a simple task that can not only make your appliance more efficient, but it can also minimize the chances of you having to hire a professional to carry out expensive repair work. The first step of maintaining an AC is to cut off its power supply, once you’re sure that the device isn’t getting any electricity, remove its coil fins and clean them out as gently as possible. If you see any bent or damaged fins then try straightening them with a butter knife or some other similar blunt object, however if the damage is more extensive than its better to leave the repair work to a professional.

Once you’ve cleaned out the fins, remove your AC unit’s fan and clean it out, the removal process will vary from AC to AC, you can find plenty of DIY and how to videos on YouTube. Once the cleaning has been completed, wait for everything to dry out and then plug back the power, read more about how to properly maintain your AC unit at Home and Gardening Guide, an incredibly helpful blog for people who like to keep their homes well-maintained.