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It’s coming to the end of a long work week and you and your friends want get a bite out to hang out but you don’t want someplace to informal like cafes or something to formal like restaurants with harsh dress codes. The perfect in-between for that is your bar and some bars really go the extra mile in making sure you get to enjoy some drinks but also have delicious food served for you and the rest of your company chow down on. When you’re in Perth and you want to have a leisurely glass of wine, why not make a pit stop at one of the best bars located near central park.

A classy cocktail after work, Gramercy’s Bar & Kitchen is located in a place of not only historical significance, but also with an amazingly splendid view. It wouldn’t be to pressing to claim it as one of the most popular locations throughout the great and good Western Australia. The new things that Gramercy’s B&K brings a platform to allows you to enjoy the experience of delicious cuisine food and gourmet meals all the way down to light snacks in a tranquil informal atmosphere. They’re always happy to receive new customers whether they want to try out some new dining establishment or they just like to enjoy the atmosphere of their favourite bar.

These kinds of establishments can become second homes to people. You really learn to love the people and the food they provide is just another reason to stay. You can’t make these dishes at home without putting in some real effort with a trial and error effect. Gramercy’s Bar & Kitchen puts all these into one for one unique dining experience you can’t quite get anywhere else. Visit them at their website at