Socialism in South America: Cuba’s Broken Dreams

Seems like Socialism in South America is already being stopped on its ways to power.

Although some countries in the region like Ecuador still remain under the control of the socialist party, there are many others like Peru, Argentina and Paraguay which are staying away from this situation.

As you read every word of this article you will begin to understand why socialism is failing in this part of the world and why it won’t be reversed any time soon.

Venezuela: The Failed Test Case

Everybody knows about the hard time Venezuela is passing through. The situation is so hard in this country that many Venezuelans are fleeing to nearby countries like Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, etc.

The situation in Venezuela is pretty bad and won’t get better any time soon.

Maduro is just the epitome of what many analysts warned many years ago: Chavez was a bomb of time for Venezuela.

Chavez intended to export his ideology alongside with Cuba to the rest of countries in South America, and he certainly had some success. He helped Ollanta Humala ascend to power, and we can see that socialism had a good rate of success in countries like Brasil (Lula, Dilma), Argentina (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner), Bolivia (Evo Morales), Uruguay (Jose Mujica) and Ecuador (Rafael Correa) and Venezuela (Nicolas Maduro).

It all seemed like the perfect ground for socialism to grow fertile, but there are many events that have provoked this movement to fail.

First off, we have the example of Venezuela. A country rich in oil and many other resources is living its most intense crisis, where people have barely something to eat and where criminality rates are through the roof.

Many persons have seen the case of Venezuela as a warning of what happens when you allow socialism into the power, and especially when you let it grow and flourish for many years.

On second part we have the case of Brazil, which will be reviewed shortly.

Brazil: Is a Civil War Coming?

Many people talk about an upcoming civil war in many European countries. Some talk about the possibility of having a civil war in the United States of America, but just a few talk about the situation that’s boiling in Brazil.

Riots every day, corruption going through the roof (Petrobras, Odrebretch, etc.). All of this is setting the perfect field for a civil war to start.

You have tensions between different groups in society. And many of them are ready to go in hard confrontations between each other.

A country with no clear leadership, fed up with corruption and many societal problems is a country that will experience a very violent conflict any time soon.

And as it seems, it is the case for Brazil.

Closing Thoughts:

Socialism in South America is failing due to corruption, poor management, damaged economics and disappointment from the people.

All of these elements have stopped socialism in this part of the world, and as it seems, nothing will make it grow stronger again.