Sleeping Facts

Soundful Sleep is a website where you can go to find out how you can better your sleep cycles, make sure your sleeping is as comfortable for you as humanly possible, all the different types of mattresses and pillows that can be used for different things; i.e. mattresses for people with a heavy set body, mattresses that can facilitate sexual experiences, pillows that can increase comfort while sleeping, and much more. Recently they had uploaded an article where they spoke about a few facts about sleeping. While reading it I came across two things that intrigued me a lot. The first was the fact that human beings were the only mammals that delayed sleep.

The second was that on average a hundred thousand deaths and casualties are caused by car crashes with a sleepy or drowsy driver at the wheel. Now while the other facts were things about how sleep could raise intelligence in people, how sleep made you better prepared for your day, how we are paralyzed when sleeping, or that many people do not dream in colour, these two stood out because they clearly highlighted that as a species us sacrificing sleep has not been the greatest decision.

Sure as the species that came to be the dominant form of life on the planet we have done many great things and I am sure a lot of sleepless nights had gone in to great people achieving great things. That does not, however, mean that we continue giving up our sleep all the time. While we can occasionally do it when it is required, sleeping late and getting up early really does nothing great for you other than cause extreme fatigue that builds up over time. When that happens you end up in situations where millions of people sleep while driving. That is why you should visit to change your sleeping patterns.