Reasons You Should Let The FRP Lock Stay On

The FRP lock is Google’s way of ensuring that if you reset your phone, the OS asks you to enter your credentials again before allowing you access to your phone. If not, the phone will stay in a locked state, and only the company can take care of that. However, that is not the case anymore as there is the availability of FRP bypass APK that will get rid of the FRP lock on your phone.

However, I have always advocated against the removal of this lock as it can pose a great threat to your phone’s security, and should things go sideways. I am going to discuss some of the reasons why you should let your FRP lock stay on. This is going to be helpful for you in various ways, especially if you feel you are on the risk of losing your phone.

It Enhances The Security

Simply put, the FRP lock is really good when it comes to enhancing the security of your phone. If you lose your phone, and the next person to find it ends up factory resetting it, then the person will have to enter your email ID and password to gain access. Otherwise, it won’t be possible.

It Will Remove Your Google Credentials

Another reason why you should not remove the FRP lock stay on is that it if you try and remove the credentials, your synced contacts will also go away, and all the Google services will stop working. Any phone without Google account is just not complete because Android and your Google account are known for working in conjunction. So that is why you should not even think about removing the FRP lock because not only it enhances security, but also helps you retain the Google account.