Reasons to Start With a Crossbow Instead

If you’ve spent enough time playing medieval themed RPG games or even if you’ve seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you’re sure to know the difference between the traditional long and short bows and the much more tactile crossbow. Though it fires projectiles in the same fashion, the crossbow is much more akin to the gun because of its triggering mechanism. Once the bolt is loaded into the bow, it can be fired effortlessly at a moment’s notice. This made it the perfect weapon for mid-ranged combat and for hunting.

Like how we still have compound bows that we use to practice archery in modern times, you can also buy modern crossbows, if you choose them as your ranged weapon of choice. Before you can move on to figure out what the best crossbow for you would be, here are a few reasons why we believe that a crossbow might be a better way to start archery for some people.

Quick Firing

Because of the crossbow’s triggering mechanism, you don’t have to focus your efforts into readying it for a shot while your target is in range. This way you get to focus on aiming your shot instead before you can quickly pull the trigger for a quick but deadly shot. The crossbow is ideal for hunters for this reason.

Easier to Learn

The compound bow is very effective on hunts as well but because there are many variables that you have to learn to fire it effectively, we feel that it’s better suited to archery competitions rather than on hunts. Firing a crossbow is much like firing a gun, if not easier. You can learn it faster and after you’ve found the best crossbow or you, you can become a skilled hunter with it even sooner as well.