Racking Up Against Competition: LG’s New 4K TV is Now The Market’s Best

4k stands for 4000 pixels which are measured horizontally. This is a new innovative leap in the field of electronics and 4K televisions are the best form of televisions these days. They are the closest to life likeness anything can get. This technology is now readily available and even mass marketed all across the globe. This can be really good news for the gamers as well. Because a true gamer will always want the best resolution because of mainly two reasons; the first one is that they want to enjoy their gaming experience and the second one is because it won’t do justice to the game developers who spent countless of hours trying to make the game as realistic as possible.

Hence, to give you an insight into the world of gaming, we will discuss the best 4K TV for gaming. This is done to help you find the best TV which provides the greatest value for money. The first one is by LG. It is the OLED55C7P. This TV has an incredible 48×28 inch screen which is really huge. Then it has all the standard features like HDMI ports, WebOS App etc. The best part is that it has individually lighting OLED pixels which give a better and sharper contrast and color to your picture. Good news for gamers is that it has no motion blur which is amazingly good for the optimal gaming experience.

Then it hosts a wide viewing frame which feels as if you’re in the place yourself and allows you to relax and easily view the screen from a wide angle as well. The Dolby digital support does wonders for gamers as well because it helps sync the sound with the picture accurately and the amazing picture and sound quality provides a life changing experience for everyone.