Precision Made Pumps

Pumps are used in a variety of industries in a variety of ways, their basic function is to push some sort of fluid from one end to another, be it water, slurry or chemicals. Since pumps are used a lot, they need to be durable and dependable, a broken pump can cause all kinds of trouble, and in the worst case scenario pumps can start leaking. It is important to have pumps that one can rely on, powerful machines that can produce plenty of torque and do not break down that easily.

March Pumps is a pretty old company that started out by performing precision machining for the aircraft industry, over the years they evolved and made their first pump in 1955, from here on the company slowly started to move away from the aircraft industry and in the later parts of 1960 they started to work solely on pumps. Currently the company has a pretty advanced workshop that consists of a number of CNC machines, injection moulding machines, dedicated machines and various other kinds of equipment that allows them to produce precisely made pumps of the highest quality. The company does almost everything in-house to maintain as much control over their quality as possible.

One of the best things that March Pump has to offer is the magnetic drive pump, developed in 1962, these pumps are free of many drawbacks that come with traditional pumps; they are leak proof and are subject to lesser amounts of wear and tear. The company has a large number of pumps to offer, all of which can be read about on their webpage, they have been around for over four generations now and so far the company has provided incredibly outstanding services to every customer who has come their way.