Perks of Living in a Super Tall Condominium House

There are a lot of debates I hear about living in a ground based house versus living in a condominium apartment. While both of them have their pros and cons, I personally love living in a high rise condominium. I will tell you why in just a while. If you are considering of buying a new investment in real estate or if you are looking to just move into a new place, then I think that reading through this article would be very helpful for someone in your position.

The View

First off, I would definitely want to praise the view. Hands down, there is no better view than one found at the top floor of a condominium apartment. The taller the tower is, the better. Generally, a condominium that is somewhere around a floor level above 35 would give you a great view of the area. Of course, anything higher than that would give you a greater view of the city!

Say Goodbye to Noise

Noise pollution is what irritates most of the people. Whether you are someone who loves the fast moving life of a city or someone who prefers to live the rest of their life in peace, noise pollution is something everyone hates. Well, if you live high enough, say at about 50 floors or above, chances are that you will not be hearing any of the unnecessary noise from the streets.

Want to Live 90+ Floors High?

Well, I could go on and on about the list of the perks of living high. From having lesser people to deal with, on to reducing stress, etc., there is just too much. However, if you are already interesting in living really far up, then Mirvish and Gehry Condos would be the best project for you to consider, with towers of 82 and 92 floors high.