Nuclear Power And III World War: Are We Close to The End?

If the end of the world near? Is nuclear power the responsible of this disaster that seems about to happen? Are Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un going to be the responsible of this disaster?

There are many questions flying around and many persons are scared with the panorama present in our modern days. The thing is that… it may not be the case.

Although media keeps selling the idea that a III WW is close, the truth seems to be very far from that statement. Big stories sell, especially if they are scary and touch a pain point. That’s why so many people are fascinated with the topic and media knows it, so they keep selling this stretched-out conclusion.

The World Is Going To Prevail:

Even though North Korea under the communist dictatorship that treats it people like slaves is a terrible country and should vanish from earth at some point, its leader is not unwise to the extreme of launching a nuclear attack to American soil nor to any of its close allies.

And even more now that it’s lacking support from Russia and China, something that has only been possible with Donald Trump in the oval office. Perhaps with Hillary Clinton things could have been different… but so far now Mr. Trump is handling the issue better than expected.

None Wants Total Destruction:

The truth is that no country out there wants total destruction. In the eventual case that NK launched a nuclear attack against the United States of America, it’d not take long for they to be invaded and possibly nuked in return.

Politics are moved not much on feelings but rather on analysis. And even though almost everyone thinks that Kim Jong Un is not a wise leader, he’s not dumb as to launch an attack that would destroy his own country sooner than he thinks.

Therefore, III WW is not near and the conditions for it to happen have not been presented yet. There are some people who try to correlate the Trump’s rise to power with Hitler’s, but that’s a poor analysis of the current situation…

The most powerful countries in the world have the potential to cause a lot of damage to one another, therefore, the balance of power is well proportioned, and this makes the possibility of a new world wide world an even more remote idea.

Therefore, we all can rest easy for now, because these tensions between the United States of America and North Korea are a movie we have seen before. There’s nothing new, just the typical tactics used by Kim Jong Un to portrait himself as a strong leader, but we all know that NK is under serious problems, and if this country exists it’s only due to its criminal ways of making money, which includes money laundering, drugs trafficking, etc.

That’s it. Peace will reign in the world for now, and we hope it stays this way for a long time.