Mont Blanc: The Real Thing

There are many ways to make yourself distinguished from the crowd. One way to do this is to dress well so that you just stand out (in a good way of course). However, dressing isn’t everything that reflects your tastes and choices as a person – you need to accessorise in the right manner as well. There’s a reason why people pay so much money for nice watches and nice wallets and the like; these things really bring out who you are.

At work, the kind of pen you use can also say a lot about you. A $5 fountain pen may write well but it won’t make an impression when you pull it out in front of someone. A small impression can go a long way but it can also go the wrong way if you’re using a fake version of a high end pen. Unfortunately there are so many sites and shops out there that sell very convincing counterfeit Mont Blanc pens that it’s easy to get confused and scammed.

Some people end up with counterfeit items because they’re cheaper and they thing that no one would notice but here’s the problem – people do notice and then they think poorly of you for it. There are very little visual differences between legit Mont Blanc pens and fake ones but to the trained eye, they really stand out. If you want to save a little bit of money on them, you can find out how to get discount on authentic Mont Blanc pens. The tricky thing about discounts is that there’s always a risk of being sold a convincing replica attached but the only real ay around that is to know all these little differences between the real thing and fakes.