Handling Child Custody in a Divorce

A divorce is by no means an easy process, there is a lot more to a divorce than just signing the papers. There is a lot emotional labor invested in a divorce and more complicated divorces have an even stronger impact physically as well as psychologically. A divorce gets even messier once children are involved because then child custody, visitation rights and child support are also included in the mix.

Contrary to what you may think, you and your partner can sit down and settle your entire divorce on your own. This includes alimony, child support, custody and visitation etc. However, if you and your ex-partner cannot do that, this is when you can bring in the lawyers. Family lawyers are experienced in handling child custody cases.

You need discuss the outcomes you want out of this divorce with your family law attorney Round Rock TX first. This includes where you stand on child custody, visitation rights, whether or not you want child support or any access at all. Denying your ex-partner access does not exempt them from paying child support. However, if you are looking to be the sole custodian and/or want to deny access to your child as well (by giving no visitation rights) you will need to have a very strong case.

This can mean instances where they neglected the child, their overall failure to provide the child a good and healthy lifestyle. In cases involving child abuse, you need to provide evidence and give court testimonies, the child may or may not have to give testimony depending on the severity of the case.

Once the court decision has been made, it will not be changed unless circumstances change and once they have fixed a sum for child support, it cannot be challenged unless the parents financial condition changes.