Golfing Seat

When you decide to start playing golf, you get two benefits. The first is the thrill of the game, just as any other sport has an exhilarating start so long as you are interested in it, golf comes with its own. The second is just the sheer amount of exercise you also commit to have. The fields are large and practically span football fields. You not only get to have such a huge area of land as your personal playing field, but also act as your cardio training gym.

The physical effort required to walk across a 9-hole course is tasking and an 18-hole course may only sound like twice the effort, but once you have already expelled a lot of energy in half the course, the second half seems like it will only drag on forever. If you commit yourself to playing golf, you will see huge improvements to your physical health as well as other health beneficial effects like losing weight and gaining stamina. Couple this with the strength training you’ll get from carrying around your golf bag full of all the different possible assortments of golfing clubs and you probably won’t be needing to join a gym anytime soon.

But how do you plan on carrying around all these clubs? Surely there is some sort of bag specialized for lugging around a bunch of golf clubs and you would indeed be correct to assume that there is. There are quite a few different types of bags available on the market and the kind of bag you need depends on how you plan on getting around the golf course. For those type of golfers that only plan on carrying around the essential golfing bags, they can check out Sunday golf bags. A good list of which are compiled at