Donald Trump’s Victory: How Did It Happen?

Some call him the new Hitler, while others seems to truly love him and his actions. A controversial and successful at best, and his victory in the national elections are nothing short of amazing and spectacular.

This article will analyze the reasons on why it happened. It’s always great to learn about these things, especially when none expected them to happen.

He’s a Businessman:

And a smart and successful one. If you read his book The Art of the Deal, then you will get to see that what he preaches in his book is exactly what he did to win the elections, and it’s great to see that someone actually puts in practice what he recommends other people to do. And this is something that people like Grant Cardone have recognized.

Aim high and keep pushing. That’s basically the strategy Donald Trump used during the elections, and that’s exactly what he has done all of his life with every single business. Just keep pushing it till you win, that’s it.

Of course it’s a bit more complicate than that, but in summary that’s all he did. He had to stand all the pressure and attacks from the media and his rivals, but he stood there to fight, and that’s something that’s always encouraging to see.

That’s one of the elements that have catapulted him to the victory.

He Found a Niche:

And a winning one. Even more than that: He found a niche and made it even better. That’s not something you see every day.

He made Hillary Clinton portrait many things that are wrong with this country: Degeneracy, ties to banks and Wall Street, poor control of immigration, etc. He capitalized on that and made it easy for people to understand the problem with that.

He portrayed Hillary Clinton as the continuation of these problems and himself as the solution. It’s the typical marketing tactic of telling someone he has a problem and that what you offer will solve it. Simple, easy and EFFECTIVE.

He Used a Simple Language:

Many people think that they are smarter by using a complicate language, but what they don’t know is that it makes them even dumber, because if you can’t communicate your ideas in a way that almost everyone understand, then your message will have a short reach and little to no effect.

When speaking to the people, who may not be very wise when it comes to politics, it’s important to put it all in simple terms that everyone can digest. And that’s what Trump did.

We must say that Clinton is very good at manipulating things, but she didn’t have the degree of talent that Trump has, and that’s the different that made him win and her lose.

These are the reasons on why Donald Trump won. Now that he is in office he will have to deliver all of this promises, and well that’s something he will do when the time is right.