Are Bluetooth Shower Speakers Worth It?

These days, we get to read a lot of weird and funny titles on different kinds of products and it’s not very hard to spot them out as marketing gimmicks by companies trying to fool people into thinking that they need things that they can do fine without. Shower speakers also have a funny sounding title but the question remains, are they really worth buying or are they just another creative gimmick to sell ordinary speakers?

Well, we think that shower speakers really are worth your money and here’s why. These speakers aren’t designed just for use in the shower as their name might imply but in this case, it’s a very good thing that they aren’t. This means that you can use these speakers pretty much anywhere and the added ‘shower’ functionality makes it easier to use them in a number of situations in which ordinary Bluetooth speakers might fail you.

According to bluetooth shower speaker reviews, these speakers are far more durable than any other kind of bluetooth speaker available out there; they have a shock proof housing and water proof seals that not only help them survive the bathroom environment but also makes them very sporty and ideals for outdoor and rough use. They also come with Multifunction buttons that allow you to use them to answer calls as well as to navigate through your playlist without even having to face your speaker at the item – this will help a lot in the shower.

Bluetooth shower speakers are a niche that’s being explored by many relatively newer brands so they aren’t very expansive to buy either, but they are still made to sound good which is the most important thing for any kind of a speaker, shower or not.