Account Safety

In the digital age, the internet is becoming more and more important to all of us. A lot of information is kept on internet servers and it is important that access to that information is kept secure and not easily given away to anyone who can potentially cause harm with that information. For many of us the internet has become the official and formal manner of communicating with each other with regard o business and jobs. For many of us, the facts and figures that our jobs provide us with are supposed to stay with us and not spread around to other people.

In some departments the information we carry around can also be classified, like in HR, so it can be very problematic if someone was simply able to access any of our email IDs to check all of the information we have sent and received. Emails are the primary mode of information sharing on the internet and an email ID is required before you are able to sign up to use a number of websites and online services. Hence keeping your email ID safe is keeping a huge chunk of your life safe from any person who would wish to harm you.

Luckily, email service providers like have provided extra security for your email IDs. Hotmail has recently come up with the idea of a two step verification that you can put in place before you are able to log on to your email. What the two step verification does is that aside from just your password, it also gives you an extra layer of security by sending a link or code to either your phone number or on another email ID to make sure it is actually you who is trying to log in and not a hacker.